Vintage John Deere Tractor Farm Tractor

aliki is...

consistently in the studio creating new works.

Some are available HERE... other pieces are on display and available from"The Curious Kookaburra" 171 Keen Street Lismore



Commissions are not as scary as you might think, and below are some happy recipients. They simply made a request and I got into the 'she-shed' to make the perfect palate and painted the bird/s their heart desired.

The reclaimed timber palates are made from old fence palings. Each paling is approx. 8-10 cm wide and I cut the length 10 or 20 cm longer than the total width. So for example, three palings will make a 30 x 40 cm backdrop for any bird... or perhaps a farm feature.

Prices vary between $45 - $180 depending on how many palings wide and up to two birds. The large farm trios are $600. Canvas artworks are priced on application... and can be framed ready to hang. 

Commissions make beautiful gifts.... they honour treasured memories and make new ones.


Don't be shy... just ask.