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Hebrews 13:20 " Now may the God of peace- who brought up from the dead our Lord Jesus...

Equip you with all you need for doing his will.

May he produce in you through the power of Jesus Christ, every good thing that is pleasing to him.

All glory to him forever and ever! A...


A precious time sharing this weekend at the QLD Churches of Christ Women’s Conference/Retreat.

A rich time of fellowship with the Lord touching many hearts, including mine. I sang my way through a few healing tears... in a company of women who were open and thirsty fo...


From 2 Corinthians 3:7-16, here is Paul's beautiful short list of glorious differences between the Old and New Covenant.

  • The OLD brought death; the NEW brings life (v 7)

  • The OLD is engraved in stone as law; the NEW is engraved in our hearts by the Holy Spirit (...


2 Corinthians 5:14

"For Christ's love compels us..."

The old covenant is compelled by fear and obligation because the law demands our perfect behavior. It holds us by the throat with threats and taunts, 'If you don't keep me, you'll go down to the grave and never come up...


2 Corinthians 5:12

The Corinthian church had a tendency to elevate ministries that looked and sounded impressive. However, Paul understood that showy itinerants were not necessarily bringing a message that will transform lives.

To tackle this, Paul encourages them to tak...


2 Corinthians 5:17 "those who are in Christ are new creations, the old life has gone the new has come."

Ivan Bowden was a favourite lecturer in Bible College. When we were not terrified of him, we were awe inspired by his exposition of scripture, stories and illustratio...


2 Corinthians 3:13-17

Law and punishment is the basis of old covenant. Here's how it works.

God provided through Moses, 10 fundamental rules to govern life and living. These rules must be obeyed not only in outward appearance, but in principal in the secret places of the...


My usual habit for reading the bible on a daily basis is following the One Year Bible. This month covers 2 Corinthians, which I will study and make notes on, sharing them here with you. With only a few days left in August, here is an introduction to my September theme:...


Paul’s first recorded sermon is in Acts 13:16-41.

At Antioch in a Jewish synagogue, Paul takes his listeners through a tapestry of Israelite history & fulfilled prophecy, culminating in the good news.

The Jewish people knew the scriptures & promises, but in many ways...


By Acts 8 the church had grown, been persecuted with Saul on the rampage and scattered throughout Samaria and Judea.

When Philip powerfully declared the gospel in Samaria, a man called Simon came to faith. He was well known in the area for practicing sorcery, and boaste...

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