We didn't quite know what to expect but the moment Aliki hit the stage we were blown away. Wow, what a gift - so down to earth and an ability to relate to all ages. A gifted communicator of modern day parables and song - God really uses Aliki in her professional, relaxed and sensitive approach. We can't wait to have Aliki return and do what God has blessed her to do - to be used by God to bring hope into the lives of many.

Steve Fitzallen - Senior Pastor - Door of Hope Christian Church Inc TAS

Aliki’s ministry had a profound impact in the lives of numerous people at Bendigo Baptist Church. We thoroughly enjoyed her inspired ministry through spoken word and song. It was a touch of heaven into the lives of our people. Thanks Aliki!

David Lovell - Senior Pastor Bendigo Baptist VIC

Aliki visited us in Mt Isa and even today there is a sweet smelling fragrance that is left behind. What beautiful yet powerful ministry. Absolutely wonder-filled with the Master's touch. Unique and very very special.

Koralie Leahy - Senior Pastor Victory Life Fellowship - Mt Isa QLD

This oxen mustn't be muzzled, but allowed to thresh across this land

Gary Althorp - Senior Team Leader - Life Church Newcastle NSW

I want to thank you again for a truly awe inspiring, Holy Spirit filled night. It was so apparent that Aliki was led and inspired by the Holy Spirit in all that she shared. I was amazed (although I probably shouldn't be if I'm to let God out of the box I put him in) at the way Aliki was so much in tune with what I'd been sharing with the congregation over the past week and how Aliki's message helps us to continue to Live out our passion for Christ.

David Fender Senior Pastor Oxley-Darra Uniting QLD

International Baptist was privileged to have Aliki travel to NZ for our women's conference. Well, I cannot say enough how blessed we all were by her ministry. My own wife felt truly encouraged and ministered to as well. Aliki also sang and spoke briefly on Sunday and our people just took to her. Getting to know Rob and Aliki privately left me impressed. They are truly doing this for the Lord and not for money. Each year is lived by faith and they love to share their journey with everyone

Ken Young Senior Pastor International Baptist Church Howick NZ

Through story telling and songs Aliki has the gift of making personal connections with people and their life journey. She then empowers them to connect them with God. It's real heart stuff that Australians want and need to hear.

Christine Black Captain Moreland City Salvation Army Corp. VIC

Thank you for the ministry last night!

Very rarely these days have our women been so deeply reached and touched by the truth of God's love and the freedom that gives us to reach out to others. Aliki's unique way of opening the scriptures in the midst of her stories, then sealing them in song had a deep effect on the women who gathered.

Thank you from the Women's Ministry Team of Catalyst Church and a very personal thank you from me for the privilege of inviting Aliki to come and minister.

Mary Giles - Catalyst Church QLD

Aliki’s ministry had a profound impact in the lives of numerous people at Bendigo Baptist Church. We thoroughly enjoyed her inspired ministry through spoken word and song.  It was a touch of heaven into the lives of our people.

David Lovell - Bendigo Baptist Church - VIC

It is always with a certain amount of fear and trepidation that a Presbyterian church invites someone to their church who says they would like to take the whole service!. We are so thankful God lead us to take the risk. Aliki's presentation on Sunday night was a real inspiration to us. To hear how God has blessed you as you have walked with him and taken steps of faith inspired us to walk more closely with him and take our own steps of faith.

Garry White - St Andrews Presbyterian - Inverell NSW

I'm always surprised by her spiritual freshness and honesty. She constantly brings a sense of the Lord's presence in a prophetic style of song and storytelling. I am personally touched and delighted whenever she leads our congregation into the Word of God

Geoff Charles - Springwood Church of Christ QLD

Aliki's vibrant and entertaining music is suitably matched by her vivacious love for life and for God. During her  presentation audiences will quickly learn that there is a lot more to this demure singer than first meets the eye, as her communication skills take centre stage and she genuinely imparts the truths contained in her songs.

David Gray - Christian World Media

I felt God had kissed us this morning. You didn't draw attention to yourselves but turned our eyes to Jesus. My prayer is your ministry will touch and heal many souls to reach out to Jesus

Ballina Uniting Church NSW

A little glimpse of heaven! You touched our hearts  and the hearts of our church - both saved and unsaved so much!

Malcolm & Rhonda Shooter - Dubbo COC NSW

Abounding in bible backbone Aliki's words and songs were gentle but they packed a truthful punch and her prayer ministry was both extremely personal and blessed

Emma Walker - Blackheath Baptist Church NSW

Aliki was a great success both in our Sunday service and at our outdoor Carols event. Her songs are a blessing musically and lyrically ... her stories and  teaching are inspiring ...her personality is endearing and uplifting. We will definitely be inviting her back to our church

Nick Watson - Bayside Christian Family - Apostolic Church Australia QLD

What an awesome night! Christians and non-Christians...all in the same place, all being touched by The Master's Hand! Nobody left that night without being blessed by God through Aliki's music, words and prayer. Lives were changed forever. No matter where the girls and ladies were in their walk through life, there was a message just for them. Thank you Aliki for being so real, so humble and so willing to let God reach out to others through you

Lynda Vertigan - Bundaberg Bible Chapel QLD

People are still talking about the Embrace event when Aliki came. In particular my friend, who is beginning her journey in Jesus, talked about the great feeling she had joining with other women and a sense of God being there. She hasn't stopped talking about it!

Jo Gottle - Arana Hills Baptist QLD

Wow! Stories, songs, multi-media, humour, passion, gentleness ...it was all there. Aliki was sensational and was used by God in wonderful ways among us to connect us all to the reality of our heavenly Father's love. People were more than comfortable inviting their unchurched friends; long-time attendees received a faith-lift; those who were discouraged sensed the love of God for them in a fresh and tangible way; burdens were lifted through the sensitive and personal ministry-time. Aliki is cross-generational, touching people of all ages in engaging ways with the good news that Jesus is for them!

Peter Steicke - Good Shepherd Lutheran Church Para Vista SA

Was thoroughly blessed by your ministry at our combined churches gathering held at our centre. Aliki's message in song with the multimedia presentation was clear and powerful. Her sharing in between songs built a tremendous picture that encouraged and challenged us in our overall view of an awesome God

David Betts - Christian New Life Centre (AOG) - Frederickton/Kempsey

Ours is a unique church in that there are well over 300 African refugees in our congregation. We were greatly impressed by Aliki ability to minister powerfully and sensitively to everybody no matter what their age or background. Her music ministry crossed all cultural barriers, and her sharing of herself and her stories (interpreted in our case into Swahili) struck many a chord in the hearts of our people. We were personally greatly blessed and I have spoken to many of all ages and backgrounds who experienced the deep ministry of the Holy Spirit through her ministry.

Ralph and Wilma Legge Senior Pastors City International Church - Adelaide

Both my wife and I enjoyed greatly Aliki's presence with us at Swanston Street Church of Christ. Aliki's beautiful voice, introductions to her songs, together with the excellent visual presentations, were superb. God was honoured and we were each challenged by the Lord. 

Dr Ian Hawley - Swanston St Church of Christ - VIC

Aliki weaves powerful Australian stories with moving songs accompanied by striking visuals.  I greatly appreciated her honesty and insights as she wove her songs among outback parables told to us at a church camp.  You can see and hear her in action on the beautiful Opals DVD - it has blessed me, and I love to pass it around to bless others.

Geoff Waugh - Renewal Journal

Aliki's greatest asset is that she is appealing to all ages, my teenage daughter thought she was cool and my 80 year old unchurched friend thought her message was uplifting and encouraging. Satan is robbing women of their self esteem... and Aliki's message gives us ammunition to battle Satan and his lies and rise up as God's princesses.

Kay Crighton - Living Grace Lutheran SA

Aliki presents the gospel in beautiful music and story in a gentle way that everyone can relate to. Her singing is of an extraordinarily rare and beautiful quality. When this is supported by highly professional graphics, it makes for a powerful presentation of the gospel. Aliki performed in a large regional church before coming to us two days later to sing in a large, cold, echoing gymnasium - and so she is at home everywhere.

Nick Hawkes - Rivergate Church - Adelaide

Aliki truly has a God-given gift of sharing the truths of the Word of God in a personal, down-to-earth kind of way that really touches  hearts at their point of need. Aliki doesn't hold people at arms length in an aloof kind of way, but shares experiences from her own life that make her come across as being real, and that we're on a journey together. As I said at the close of the service on Sunday, it was much better than a sermon any

Rod Feldhahn - Chinchilla QLD

Aliki's ministry has my enthusiastic and wholehearted  endorsement, a ministry that will encourage and lift your entire congregation.  My only regret is we did not promote their first event wide enough, a mistake we  do not intend to make again on their next visit. Her message reaches across broad demographics, a healthy mix of professional multi media presentation, abundant talent and all founded upon a genuine and passionate relationship with  our Lord.

Phil Campbell - Harbour Church COC - NSW

Aliki delivers a very clear presentation of the gospel in a very sensitive and beautiful manner, drawing from life experiences and using stories which resonate with her audience. Her presentation on both occasions was well grounded in Scripture...Aliki oozes passion for Jesus, evident not only in her presentation but in her one-to-one ministry afterwards with children, youth and adults

Rev. Leo Newell - Senior Pastor - Atherton Uniting QLD

Thank you SO much for coming to Bethel, you deeply impacted our lives... we will never be the same.Australia desperately needs you!!!  God Bless Phillippa

Bethel Church SA

Just wanted to say thanks so much for coming to our small church at Greenslopes and ministering to us in such an awesome and powerful way. These sorts of events enable us to invite our non-Christian friends and family to church and your testimony of God's grace in your life enabled them to hear the gospel in a clear and exciting way! 

Thanks heaps again for sowing into the eternity of our unsaved friends.

Matthew Scott - Deacon Greenslopes Baptist QLD

A renewed sense of the Father's love was felt by all, Aliki has the alibity to make people feel right at home and we are already looking forward to her return. She delivers a powerful and passionate message.

Impact Church - Terrace NSW

What an amazing ministry!!! I was truly blown away by the whole presentation at Worthy. It still amazes me what God can do in our lives if we are open to him and willing to do whatever he wants. The presentation was magnificent from your speaking, to your presence, to the beautiful scenery on the audiovisual, it was incredible!

Participant "Worthy Conference" Heathmont Baptists NSW

When you only have one day in the lives of christian and non christian women at a conference you want to make sure that the speaker is appropriate, challenging, fits in with the theme, effective, gifted and mostly godly. Anything less could be dramatic. Wow, Aliki is all these things and more. Aliki is absolutely brilliant at communicating Jesus to those who don't know Him and those who have known Him forever. Even months later we are still hearing stories of women's lives being touched by the Holy Spirit through her. What a remarkable ministry - we were touched, blessed and changed.

Kim Miatke - Heathmont Baptist

Like trying to take a drink from a fire hydrant the people here were greatly blessed. 

Pastor Steve Nixon

Many were brought to tears from Aliki's sincere, heart-clutching stories and from our funny true-to-life quirks that were presented to challenge and point us to a Saviour. ALIKI beautifully presents Jesus as relevant and personal who delights in His girls. Her stories & songs, manner & approachability warmed & encouraged all our hearts.

Vici Tunney - Springfield Christian Family

David FendeIt was so apparent that Aliki was led and inspired by the Holy Spirit in all that she shared. I was amazed at the way Aliki was so much in tune with what I'd been sharing with the congregation over the past week and how her message helped us to continue to live out our passion for Christ

David Fender Oxley - Darra Uniting

We have had so many comments from all age groups, including one 92 year old who put her arms around Ken and said  "Thank you for bringing Aliki to us, we have been very blessed".   Our youth are still talking about Aliki's ministry... her  gift had such a great impact on our Corps, as she reaches each age group in such a lovely and gentle, yet very challenging way. The way she shares her life experiences, showed us that she is God driven yet still very human.

Ken & Dulcie Parnell - Campbelltown Salvation Army NSW

Lesley What a wonderful down-to-earch way of imparting the Father's love! Aliki blessed us with prayer ministry and this girl is a warrior!!!  She knows who she is and knows her authority!

Lesley Holly - Medowie Baptist NSW

The moment Aliki said she was wrapping up, I got pangs of disappointment in my stomach. I could have listened to her for the rest of the day.

John Hoskings - Kyabram Community Church NSW

Aliki comes with a sensitive ear to what the Holy Spirit is saying and to those she is ministering to. She combines the art of story and song and testimony to bring GOD's heart of love and grace to women in an authentic Spirit led way. Aliki gives permission to remove the masks that separate us from GOD's love and one another. Seeing and hearing is believing!

Pastor Deborah Van Bennekom - Springfield Christian Family

Aliki has a God-given ability to communicate the grace, love and purpose of God and His message. She is uplifting and challenging, relevant and encouraging in her music and her stories. These are ably complemented by multi media presentations as well. I'll never look at a lilo quite the same. If you want people to connect with the truth and be encouraged in Jesus and through His Spirit, then invite Aliki and her family to come and minister in your patch; they'll always be welcome in ours.

Mike Walker - South Hamilton Baptist NZ

We would like to sincerely thank you for the heart and service that you poured into our church during the time you were with us. Within the first 10 minutes of Aliki beginning her first session, my heart was filled with joy and tears overflowed as I was made aware that God had honoured my decsion to invite Aliki, and that she was able to release deeply refreshing and abundant fruit, into the lives of our women on the Saturday at the Women's Conference and in all of our Sunday Services. You were incredibly sensitive and intuitive about who we are as a church and I greatly appreciated how you went to great lengths to understand us a church body and how you could arrange your presentation to cater for our needs at this time. Your impact is still being felt and producing fruit, from the inspiration and challenge you gave our leading female speaker to the teenager who had never attended church before until that Sunday

Diane Ponsen - Mayfield Baptist Church NSW

We recently hosted Aliki as our keynote speaker for our annual FREE women's conference weekend. Aliki is a great communicator and worked with us in planning and presentation to bring a powerful challenge to all who attended. She preached in all 3 Sunday Services and again was tremendously used of God in the items and message she brought.

Kevin Warner - Mayfield Baptist NSW

Her stories are real and shared with a straight forwardness that allows the listener to recapture their own encounters with God.

Peter Chambers - Noarlunga Centre SA

We had a great time on Sunday. With a little research and following the lead of God's Spirit Aliki tailored a message that dove-tailed with our journey as a congregation over the past few months.  The singing was inspirational, the preparation and attention to detail fantanstic.  Our time together just flew by.

Ian Duncan - Maida Vale Baptist

WOW! What an amazing night.  Even though we were only a small group Aliki showed us all of her passion and enthusiasm. These guys obviously have a heart for God in the big and the small things. I'd encourage anyone, don't think you're to small, these guys will come and absolutely bless you and challenge you.

David Richards - Impact Church Tamworth NSW

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