Religion vs relationship

May 18, 2018


Jehovah Witnesses came to visit me on Friday, offering their paraphernalia on faith in God. I took her little card and said I’ll read yours if you read mine, and wrote the words ‘truth to set you free’ next to my website address.

The earnestness of JW’s is admirable but their ‘gospel’ is not good news, it’s very bad news. They must perform perfectly and work hard for one of the ‘limited places’ in heaven. There is no eternal security. And where there’s no promise, there’s no love ... just quiet fear.

Are you crushed by unbearable religious demands? Do you fear God in a sense that makes you withdraw from Him rather than run to him?
Do you imagine yourself as the Jehovah Witnesses ‘great crowd of sheep’ left behind?

Then you don’t have a relationship with the true gospel, you have religion.

Religion produces fear & burden. It will motivate us only so far towards God. But to fall insanely, deeply, madly in love with Him, we must understand the measure of His deep love for us.

It’s a love that paid for EVERY believing soul to enter the gates of heaven.

It’s a love that knows us, even while we grind out the details of our wretched souls.

It believes & perseveres always.
It’s gentle & fierce.
It’s honest & unshakable.

Do you know Him? 

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