Jesus gave everything.... and that means nothing was left over or withheld. There was no reserve tucked away in a quiet corner. No back-up plan to escape the horrors of crucifixion. His life was turned over to the plans of God, completely. All for the purpose of bringing us closer to God.

“For the joy set before Jesus he endured the cross, scorning its shame and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.” Hebrews 12:2

It's rare to find Christians who give everything for eternal rewards, and I mean everything as defined above. In the past 20 years I've given some of my life and resources to God's purposes but not my home or retirement securities. Believers who give everything on earth, are rare and extraordinary....

 One such couple is Geoff and Gloria Parry.

Ten years ago they sold a home and business to give everything in supporting an organisation called JC Epidemic, who visited schools and public arena's with messages of hope for young people accompanied by a motocross stunt show!! When that season was complete, they served my touring ministry sharing messages of hope and love across Australia.... and again asked for nothing. The lettering on my Hyundai iLoad (pictured) was a surprise from them.... but they gave much more than this to see love spread far and wide.

Steve Grace is also a beneficiary of Geoff and Gloria’s sacrificial giving, carrying his mission and team on a number of tours in "The Ark", including 2 months from the east, across the Nullarbor to Western Australia. Again, they simply gave.

Yes, thousands Australians have probably been touched by the giving of Geoff and Gloria and may not know it.

Today and for the past 7 years they have continued GIVING, this time to the cause of poor and at risk children in Nepal through Transform the Nations. Last December I went to Nepal with Geoff and Gloria travelling from west to east seeing first-hand the extensive work achieved. This includes border booths for the prevention of human trafficking, relationship building in Bardi Villages, the development of schools (available to the poorest of the poor), hostel/housing for at risk children and vocational/business training. It was staggering!

In Kathmandu and Pokhara I was privileged to share in several situations including Sunday morning church and the hostels where many village children live safely and go to school. It was life changing in its revelations.

In Australia Geoff and Gloria tour extensively, generating awareness and giving encouragement to churches, organisations and communities. These are quiet servant hearted Aussies, who demonstrate faithfulness and personal sacrifice in absolutes... it's absolutely all for love. They have given every earthly asset to the purpose of rescuing and restoring innocent lives, without reserves tucked away or back up investments.

And now at this juncture of life, Geoff and Gloria are in need of a new vehicle for reaching more lives and relationships in Australia. Their tours are what generate opportunities for rescue, prevention and education for Nepali children. The results of which I witnessed first hand... that children in the lowest cast group (Bardi) are now becoming educators (University trained) and champions of justice against Human Trafficking in Nepal. The details of this need is HERE.

Please will you partner with me in giving, in returning a blessing, in ensuring their work and legacy continues? And perhaps while you are giving you can share this need with others....

For direct contributions


G & G Parry BSB: 034 177 ACC: 163855 REF: AUTO or 2886

Grace & Peace



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