It was a blessed musical occasion with this beautiful community of believers at Laidley. The Islander choirs filled the hall with layers of harmony and big smiles. The spirit of their worship brought a warm stillness to our hearts. I sat in the front row and simply soaked in the joy of their voices. Brendan Walmsley is a consummate entertainer whose lyrics, guitar and voice boomed with humour and grace. I thoroughly enjoyed Brendan’s ministry in song. My foot hasn’t tapped so much in eons... thought my ankle was going to pass out. My closing message on prayer was an honour to deliver. It followed the prayer of King Jehoshaphat from 2 Chronicles 20, looking at the elements of worship, faith, surrender, humility and praise that brought the Israelite community through an enemy onslaught. These thoughts were (of course) accented with old and new songs, including one I wrote from Nehemiah’s prayer (Nehemiah 1). I simply loved being there on Saturday night, and praise the organisers (David) and Laidley community for reaching out, searching the Lord and finding His power filled grace in the midst of life. Hallelujah. #laidleyseventhdayadventistchur 


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