New Season New Oil

The next 10 days are going to be busy and beautiful!

This Saturday I will be sharing and singing at the Salvation Army Hall in Laidley. It’s a gorgeous heritage building that other churches in the area use for events. I have special memories of past performances there, and look forward to returning. If you’re nearby please swing in at 7pm for a community concert featuring several artists, wrapped up by me speaking on prayer.

From Laidley I travel 370 km south west to the dry country town of Inverell. My good friend, Pastor John Latta has organised a series of events across the week to bring encouragement and healing to a community whose land and hearts are drought affected. My own heart is bursting with excitement over a new message I’ve written for them. It’s based around the highlights and difficulties of my motorcycle adventure in August to outback Mt Dare. There are so many stories within stories, lessons within lessons and photographs documenting the lunacy of a 49 year old woman pushing the limits of mind and body. I hope and pray they laugh with me and see the goodness of God. Pray with me for the lifting of their hearts and the power of the Holy Spirit to deliver this message. As always, I believe the grace of God restores the weary; His love infuses hope where hope has died; and His truth sets us free to more forward. From Inverell I travel 530 km north to the glorious Sunshine Coast to share with women who are gathering from various QLD locations for the annual Church of Christ Women’s Conference/camp. As well as sharing in their antics and camp fun, I will deliver 2 sessions of teaching on Saturday. The topic I’ve been given is, “Music for the Soul” which has been a pleasure to write new messages for. It’s taken me back to when sang ABBA songs into a hairbrush at age 12 :) My Pastor, Greg Holder, spoke on Sunday (or perhaps it was a meeting on Monday) about ‘New Oil’ for moving forward in new things. It resonated with me.... If the Lord is going to do ‘something new’ then let it ALL be new, flowing from a fresh anointing. We change oil in our car engines. We change oil to fry fantastic hot chips. Why not seek and ask for new oil in the things of the Spirit. Join me in prayer for the next few weeks of ministry... that lives are opened and transformed by the touch of the Master’s hand.... that the Holy Spirit pours out ‘new oil’ as I deliver new messages, for the glory of this incredible good news! 


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