New Covenant Births New Life

2 Corinthians 5:17 "those who are in Christ are new creations, the old life has gone the new has come."

Ivan Bowden was a favourite lecturer in Bible College. When we were not terrified of him, we were awe inspired by his exposition of scripture, stories and illustrations. Ivan was a spiritual giant in our eyes, whose dry sense of humour took most of first year to appreciate.

We had a saying at the Bible College of Queensland, "You can't help but learn in Ivan's classes." Theology came to life, biblical personalities came to life and understanding went beyond the mind to the heart.

Today, one of Ivan's most potent illustrations will bring this scripture to life. It explains HOW God see's us at a new creation, WHY he see's us as BLAMELESS and WHERE this new life is birthed.

Step one: Take a piece of string and imagine it's you.

Step two: Now take a bible and imagine it's Jesus.

Step three : Put the piece of string inside the pages of the bible and close it.

When we believe, we are placed IN CHRIST just like the string was put in the bible. In this position, when the Father is looking for us, he'll only find and see the spotless, blameless, holy and acceptable life of Jesus.

Of course inside those pages, we're still wrestling with our old nature, making mistakes, learning lessons and changing under the ministry of the Holy Spirit.... BUT while all that is going on, the Father is able to love and adopt us. It's a brilliant and thorough plan of good news.

The NEW COVENANT not only fulfills the law on our behalf (see my last post) but BURIES the life we spent (in vain) trying to keep the law and IMMERSES us in the life we need to live. The old life is buried in Jesus and a NEW LIFE wraps us in a future in friendship with God.

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