Elijah’s Dark Day

During July,  I will present four devotions from 1 Kings 19. This is devotion one. May you be blessed.

“Elijah was afraid and fled for his life” (1Kings 19:3) Here is a faithful man of God running for his life in despair, when only hours earlier he had boldly killed, Jezebel’s prophets of Baal. Everything he did in chapter 18 was a triumph. God demonstrated not only his power but also his favour upon Elijah! But as soon Jezebel vowed to kill him, Elijah ran, sat alone and asked God to end his life. What a swing... From fearless obedience to depression. Elijah may seem at times ‘super human’ in the acts of his ministry, but like any of us, is subject to moments of fear that consume our past experiences of God’s faithfulness. There is frailty in our nature that God addresses so kindly in this scenario, by sending an angel and food to Elijah (verse 6). At this point the Lord does not rebuke him or sigh loudly in disappointed tones. There is only nourishment and a gentle touch to a man who is spiritually and physically spent. Likewise, we should gently nourish the Lord’s servants when and if they become spent or discouraged. There is no place for rebuke or judgement. There is no place to express disappointment.... or rush them. As seen in verse 8, the Lords way is to ‘give enough strength’ to travel to a place where healing can begin. Out of the emergency room and into his arms. Let’s do likewise for others.... and know his gentleness for us. Know we are beloved even when fear has overrun our path. 


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