ACTS in June

June always feels special because I was born in this month... and clocking over another year doesn’t bother me, in fact I love it. In particular, reflecting on His grace and looking forward to whatever changes the Holy Spirit will conceive in me. Change in our character is most certainly constant if we’re surrendered, trusting and seeking. I remember coming to the Lord as a 20 year old with issues that are long dealt with thanks to His grace - But each year, decade or season has its own restoration story. Our journey of refinement (sanctification in theological terms) is close to Gods heart, worked out in His strength. I’m grateful that He never gives up, always believes and consistently loves. Following my ‘One Year Bible’, June covers the reading of ACTS, so that is where I’d like to sprout some thoughts. Today I highlighted Acts 1:9-11

Here I picture a group of people mesmerised by the place where Jesus had disappeared and love the descriptions: ‘strained to see him rising’ & ‘staring into heaven’. They were focus on a vanishing point, but the ‘white robed men’ jolted them back to a starting point, the here and now. The reminder that Jesus would return the same way he went is (to me) a nudge to get on with Gods business. My beautiful friend Gloria Parry often says, ‘Jesus is coming back and time is short.... we must be ready.’ Knowing Gloria, this is not an eschatological statement of predicting the TIME of Jesus’ return. Its a statement to jolt us from staring with strained vision at vanishing points.... to SEEING the harvest. ‘Do you know Jesus?’ is what Gloria asks people when prompted by the Lord. Why? Because Jesus IS coming back, and at that point it’ll make no difference whether we’re alive to see him come through the clouds or whether we’ve passed already. (It will also make no difference what our eschatological/end time view points are...) One thing WILL make a difference (thanks Gloria), do we know Jesus and are we making Him known? Grace & Peace ALIKI


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