Believe or Grumble

There’s a biblical solution to grumbling and it’s called ‘believing’. Read on to discover why. Believing God, is the single most important element in our relationship with Him. And I don’t mean believing IN God, like a child might believe in the existence of unicorns. It’s assumed that we believe in Gods existence. ‘Believing God’ is about taking His promises & characteristics at face value and resting in them. Having rest (which encompasses peace & joy) is the opppsite of grumbling, because there’s nothing to second guess, worry about or manipulate. The scripture I photographed is from yesterdays One Year Bible. It describes the misery of the Israelites suffering in the desert BECAUSE they wouldn’t believe that God cared for them. Abraham, the father of our faith, sets the perfect example of how ‘believing’ is the bedrock of our relationship with God. “Abraham believed the Lord and the Lord credited it to him as righteousness” Genesis 15:6 Abraham was wholehearted, processing his interactions with God and coming to the conclusion; ‘Yep I can rely on everything He says. God speaks truth’ God was trusted like an old fashioned gentleman’s handshake.... and He absolutely LOVED Abraham for that. And what about you? Are you missing out on the ‘pleasant land’ because you won’t believe his promise to care for you? We can grumble in our tents or ‘taste and see that the Lord is good.’ We can grow our ‘believing’ until rest, peace & joy are our pleasant land. With Love Aliki


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