Strike a Match

One thing I cherished as a child was my nightlight. Its wobbly bulb sat on a square timber frame, decorated with a brass & silver icon of Mary with the baby Jesus. My mother, being Greek Orthodox, bought it from Greece, and it mesmerised me in comforting ways on the darkest nights. 💡 Whether physical or spiritual, darkness can present itself as formidable. It taunts with one liners like, ‘I am too great for a sinner like you. What strength do you have against me. How can you do the work of God?’ ... then we flick on a bulb or strike a match and suddenly the darkness is ‘ruined’ with light. Truly, it only takes the tiniest, most humble light to BREAK darkness. Try it tonight in your home. Turn off the lights and let your eyes settle into the dark. Then strike a match. .... As the darkness is extinguished, remember that the light of the world lives in your heart ❣ You carry Him into every place & circumstance. Darkness can roar all it wants. But I don’t need to panic, scream or roar in response. I know the truth, and it has set me free;  that the battle is already won, and the  victor resides in me. He is the light of the world.

D.L Moody summed  it up perfectly. “Lighthouses don’t fire cannons to call attention to their shining, they just shine”

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