Jungle Law

Rounding a corner in Yala National Park our Jeep came to a sudden stop, as mother and baby ate from the side of the road. With the engine quickly turned off and Jeep rolled backwards, the mother saw us as no threat and continued to wander closer. It was surreal. Our driver looked at the lump on her front right leg and said something was wrong. I asked if rangers or vets ever aid sick animals within the park and he replied, no. So within the park, the law of the jungle applies. The weak or injured, give way to the strong. After recently re-reading the Torah, it’s clear that the law of the jungle is not God’s way with us. I didn’t count how many times the Lord instructed Moses on caring for the widows, orphans, slaves and foreigners. Over and over again it was emphasised as being imperative. His heart does not overlook the downtrodden (ever) and we are asked to partner with Him in alleviating their burden. Perhaps we can pray this prayer today... Father open my eyes to see the widows, orphans, slaves and foreigners as you see them... open my heart to feel for them as you feel... and open my hands to alleviate their burden. 


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