Missing Out

My view from Ella takes in peaks and rivers leading through National parks to the south west of Sri Lanka. With Little Adams Peak to my left and Ella Rock to my right, I was keen for a decorated sunrise. After capturing first light, I sat with a cup of Ceylon tea to watch the mist lift from the valley. Minutes later Ella Rock was lit in a soft orange. The sun had just stroked its sides like a fine brush on canvas. It was beautiful. My first thought was to wait a few minutes before getting my camera. My second thought was, ‘silly girl, the light will change in just a minute and you’ll lose this moment.’ Many times I’ve lost photo opportunities through apathy. Light and colour shifts too fast to hesitate. And as I leaped up to grab my camera (just the iPhone) I remembered how the same is true with God. Sadly I’ve missed God opportunities by waiting or apathy. The Holy Spirit says ‘go here right now’ or ‘do this immediately’ and I put off His instruction in favour of the moment I’m currently in. But how has my inaction affected the future of the kingdom? What did God have in mind as an outcome, that I’ll never be a part of? What soul will be missing from heaven because I didn’t ‘feel like’ touching someone’s life?

What door didn’t open or close on earth as it is in heaven? I’ll find out on judgement day and weep. Does the Lord still love me? YES! Am I still saved? YES! But by putting off for tomorrow what the Lord asks us to do today, we rob ourselves of sharing in the eternal plans of God. (Proverbs 6:4) 

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