Cloudy Heights

When Peter encountered a transformed Jesus hanging out with Moses and Elijah on the mountain, he wanted to set up shrines to make everyone feel at home. Some translations use the word ‘tents’ which gives the impression of wanting to stay longer with more comfort. (Luke 9:28-35)

His enthusiasm was curbed by a booming voice from heaven saying, “...this is my son, listen to him.”

It’s almost a polite; “shut up Peter and get with the program.”

One thing is for certain, it wasn’t going to be a place to stay. The passage goes on to say that when they came down the mountain they were straight into the thick of ministry, greeted by a huge crowd.

Mountain top experiences are made for the valleys not made for long lasting comfort.

They give strength and wisdom for the crowds below... and a kiss from God for life beyond the cloud.


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