Ceylon Tea

James Taylor is regarded as the father of Ceylon tea. He came from Scotland to inland Sri Lanka with a dream to plant, harvest, process & export tea.  

The coffee plantations in Sri Lanka had failed in the 1860’s leaving vast parcels of land going cheap. This is where the journey started for James and Sir Thomas Lipton.

James Taylor was tenacious and regarded as a little crazy for envisioning commerically viable tea planations in the Kandy, Nuwara Eliya and Ella regions. Even as he planted the first tees, critics said it won’t work.

But the negativity of others or physical challenges did not sway his path. He just persisted until it succeeded. 

The rest is history.

Jesus illustrates the benefit of persistence in prayer, in Luke 11:5-10. Keep asking, keep asking, keep asking.

Can we annoy God with our persistence? No. Not according to the example Jesus gave. In fact,  I read it as an invitation to to wear God down; perhaps wear out his ears. Is it that he loves the sound of my voice and faith that much?

In my lifetime, I wonder how many prayers I gave up on too early. Perhaps my Father in heaven was cheering me on to ask just one more time, but I’d decided in my heart it wasn’t His ‘will’ to reply with a yes. So I stopped asking.

... and perhaps the utmost ‘will’ in his heart is that we come to him as children. Ones that don’t shut up, give up or lose vision until their dreams on earth have been touched by heaven. 

I’m reminded constantly that this journey, above all things, is about a relationship. Sometimes it’s in the mode of obedient servant to righteous king. But Luke 11 is in the mode of child to Father.

So keep asking.

(Photo taken from the Ceylon Tea Museum)


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