These female Sri Lankan elephants live in family clusters of matriarch, sisters, daughter & nieces. The males live apart from them mostly alone but sometimes in groups. 

They are in the wilderness and yet it’s also a protected national park. They are able  to flourish and replenish numbers as a species here. I loved watching them from the Jeep... loving life and just being elephants :) 

Seeing them in the wilds reminds me of a favourite verse: “Even the wilderness will rejoice in those days. The desert will blossom with flowers.”

Be encouraged in seasons of weariness, aloneness or dryness, that God has a time of replenishment and blossom planned for you.

It IS his favourite thing to do and you will receive from his heart.

It may appear that you’re in the wilderness, but know you are under his protection. Stay there and wait for his goodness to spill out in the landscape. This promise from Isaiah is hope for restoration.

Healing and wellness will come.


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