Carrying a bundle of colourful sarongs, a woman called Wilma pursued me on Negombo beach in the hope I’d buy one. “We don’t have room on the motorbike” I said as an excuse. Undeterred she continued, “You might like this elephant motif, it is very Sri Lankan”. It was and just a few minutes earlier I’d captured this sail and thought about motifs in life and faith (and yes I like the elephant) The motif of God in my journey has been ‘faithfulness & peace’.

In challenging times, His faithfulness is demonstrated over time (and time again) until peace reigns in my heart. It reminds me of Gideon slowly coming to terms with the faithfulness of God and finally declaring in Judges 6:24: ‘... the Lord is Peace.’ Wow, what a beautiful motif.... Imagine that on a billowing sail, poised for the ocean. 

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