Buddha is a common image in Sri Lanka.

Nirvana is the most common term to describe the ultimate goal in the Buddhist path.

It’s a release from the cycle of suffering & rebirth, but only achieved when an individual is free from destructive mental states. 

These are described as three fires to extinguish: Aversion, Delusion & Rage (a very simplified version). Once these mental states are ‘extinguished’ or ‘blown out’ nirvana is achieved & a person can rest from the treadmill of reincarnation. 

Pondering the Buddhist regime, my soul joyfully notes the grace of God in giving us the already perfect life of Jesus when we believe

We are not given ONE life to try and save ourselves by triumphing over delusions, ill will, anger, greed, apathy etc etc

We are given ONE life to BELIEVE. 

Jesus attained REST in heaven after his perfect life on earth, and offers it to us if we’ll believe in him. That’s my Nirvana. 


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