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Torn or Burst

'Why does he eat with such scum?'

'Why don't your disciples fast like John's and the Pharisees do?'

'Why are they breaking the law by harvesting grain on the sabbath?'

These three questions were asked of Jesus by the religious leaders of his day, the Pharisees.They were not asking for sincere reasons, such as gaining understanding or seeking wisdom. They asked with arrogant hearts, trying to make Jesus look backward and rebellious.

Well, Jesus was more like streets ahead than backwards and simply on a different 'planet' rather than being rebellious. But the Pharisees didn't have a desire to seek or move.

The answer to their questions is in Mark 2:21-22.

You don't patch old cloth with new cloth because the new patch will shrink and rip away from the old cloth. And you don't put new wine in old skins, because the new wine will expand beyond the capacity/stretch of the old skins.

It's all about the old way of having a relationship with God, which is keeping the rules... and the new way of having a relationship with God, which is keeping his gracious hand in your hand.

So here's the deal... if in your relationship with God you feel stretched, torn, ripped, separated, burst, overwhelmed, tense or broken... perhaps you are still trying to live 'according to keeping the law'. Not only is it impossible, but a total soul crusher... leaving us empty and feeling distant from God.

Refresh yourself each day in TRUTH... that Jesus has kept the law perfectly on our behalf, leaving us with just one job to do... keeping our hand in his hand and looking forward.

Grace & Peace



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