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It is finished

In a recent trip to Bali, I was fascinated by thousands of tiny bamboo rafts containing flowers, food and incense made as a spiritual daily offering.

They littered the footpaths, streets and entrances to every home and business, much like Australia is littered with street signage... they were everywhere!

I watched the women replace them faithfully during the day, always with a fresh mound of petals to appease the various God's and demons of Hinduism.

Depending on the contents, these sacrifices could represent different needs or petitions. It is a way of life, being at the mercy of unknowable deities, or fierce demons. They were beautiful, and yet sad for me as a Christian because they represented a burden to have peace, with no assurance of the future.

On the path to Ulluwatu temple I photographed this tribute and remembered Jesus. I reflected with thanksgiving that my Father in heaven took care of my offerings in his son. Jesus was laid on a cross to finalize ALL my spiritual debt, to satisfy justice and in effect to provide a banquet of peace.

Bali is piled high in yesterday's offerings, with no future peace in sight. It's a spiritual walk governed by fear and uncertainty. By contrast, heaven is piled high in grace and peace for the future, because our offering was finished in Jesus. Hallelujah!


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