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Is Lament Wrong?

Reading 2 Chronicles 35, when King Josiah died, Jeremiah wrote funerals songs for him. Similarly, when Princess Dianna died, Elton John rehashed his song 'Candle in the Wind' to commemorate her life and lament her death. Songs of lament are not normally in the mainstream of radio airplay. They are a rare expression, that don't exactly get the feet tapping.

Could you imagine a record company putting out a compilation album of 'Sorrow's Greatest Hits"? Not likely a chart topper.... Yet the bible says that Jeremiah's funeral songs for Josiah were all recorded in 'The Book of Laments'.

We might regard a book like this as being morbid. But, perhaps honoring life is also about honoring pain.... Letting reality sit next to our faith and shape our character. Asking our Father in heaven to make it eventually add value, rather than add strength rather than weakness.

I love that Jeremiah wrote funeral songs for Josiah. It's a method of grieving that stunning piece of one mans spirituality, and one we can learn from.


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