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United We Stand

"If a kingdom is divided against itself, it cannot stand".

Mark 3:24

A dear and wise friend recently reminded me of the value in unity. It's not just that unity is 'nice' or unity is 'peaceful'.... It's that the opposite of unity creates weakness and if not corrected will eventually lead to destruction.

United we stand... divided we fall.

If a kingdom can fall apart as a result of internal division, how much more do we need to protect our businesses, families and marriages from it?

Division can be as dramatic as one nation launching a nuclear attack on another, or as simple as not communicating honestly with loved ones. But whether subtle or obvious, the results are the same. Division undermines the integrity of things that time built.

True unity is more than a 'smile and wave'. It can not be faked (at least not for long). It demands the kind of honesty that's born from humility and a deep love. It's born in strength and brings long long life to the things and people we love... In those moments where disunity touches our hearts or life, may we find the strength to turn it away and the courage to foster a new season.


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